Driving in the fall

Driving in the Fall: Changing colors of leaves means it’s time for seasonal maintenance Landers Collision of Norman

Cooler air, changing colors of the leaves, yes, fall has officially arrived. People all around the state are preparing their homes for the changing of the season. While getting ready for the season in your home is important, autumn is also a good time for seasonal maintenance on your car. At Landers Collision of Norman, we want to make sure that you are as safe as possible when on the road. By maintaining your car, you will be ready when the cold weather hits. The Landers Collision team has done the research, and we have some excellent tips for vehicle maintenance in the fall!

Change Wiper Blades:

The Fall season is a great time to change wiper blades. Wiper blades are frequently used in fall and winter due to snow, ice, and slush. This can take a toll on wiper blades. A new set of wipers increases visibility and makes your drive and the drives of others on the road safer. Best of all, wiper blades are easy to find, relatively inexpensive, and quick to install.

Check Battery Terminals:

Your car’s battery health is vital, without it, your car will not start up and move. Most people have had the issue of a cold battery before. While older batteries can lose their charge due to cold weather, often issues come from a problem with the terminals. Check your battery to see if there is dirt or corrosion on and around the terminal. If your battery needs cleaning, disconnect the battery and brush the terminals. Once the terminals are clean, reconnect the battery. A clean battery can mean less trouble when the weather gets cold.

Check Tires:

The cooler weather can be hard on your tires. Cooler weather often lowers the air pressure in tires, while dirt and slush can wear them down. Checking your tires, especially when the temperature changes dramatically, can keep you out of trouble when the weather gets worse. Check your tire pressure and tire thread depth to see if you need to inflate or completely replace your tires. The condition of your tires dramatically affects fuel efficiency, but more importantly, it plays are huge part in your safety while on the road.

Performing seasonal maintenance can mean the difference in having a safe ride for you and your family during the cooler weather. No one wants to be stranded on the side of the road. Additionally, ensuring your tires are in good condition and your visibility is clear will means safer travels for both you and those you share the road with. These small seasonal maintenance things can play a huge part in accident prevention.

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